Transport ship "Carmen Freixas", 1940.

Loading containers in the port of Barcelona, 2010.

Our Company

SEGASA, SOCIEDAD EUROPEA DE GESTIÓN ADUANERA, S.A., is a leader in the field of shipping customs management. Founded in 1984, SEGASA is a family business headed by Ernest Freixas, a customs agent who is the fourth generation of a family of customs and shipping agents, vessel owners and captains of the Merchant Marine . More than 100 years of successful transport off goods worldwide.

SEGASA's philosophy is to offer unbeatable service for exports and imports as well as to have, at your disposal, global personalized services adapted to the needs of each and every business.

SEGASA contributes to the economic expansion of the companies that rely on our advice.

In SEGASA our services are provided with the most modern technologies. Our highly professional and specialized team is expert at offering the widest flexibility and in adapting sales conditions in order to give the best service and reliability to all of our clients.


Pioneers in the incorporation of electronic devices in the processing of customs clearance.

SEGASA was the first company in Spain to send, by an electronic device, a Customs Clearance in 1994. This opened up a huge transformation to Spanish Customs, adapting to the EU project to computerize the whole process of customs clearance of goods.


The enclosed document is a copy signed by the authorities and inspectors of Barcelona's customs office. Two more copies are on exhibit, one at the entrance hall of the Barcelona's Customs House and the other at Col·legi d'Agents de Duanes in Barcelona.

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